Community Committees

Fairway View Condominiums has many ways you can help us maintain our community and homes.

You are welcome to attend all committee meetings. Some committees are standing committees that meet at least monthly.

Others are Ad-Hoc committees, formed for a particular purpose and a specific time period to assist the board by researching and exploring options and making recommendations to the board.

Owners will be notified when new committees are being formed and when openings are available on committees.

The Condominium Board welcomes your comments and questions. For more information, Contact:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly to reviews the monthly financial statements and plans for our future financial needs. Meetings are held the 3rd. Tuesday of every month at 1 PM. Chair: Patrice Audet.


This committee is responsible for creating and distributing Foyer Flyers, Email Blasts, helping with writing the Condo Column in The Villager publication, and advising the BOD of best practices to maintain effective and timely communication with those owners without computers. Meetings are held the 1st. Thursday of every month at 1PM. Chair: Jill Dempsey

Governance: Bylaws, CCRs and Declaration Committee

This committee is reviewing governing documents for updating. Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1PM. Chair: Jan Stagner

SE Common Area Ad-Hoc Committee

Holly Redfern and Helene Pihl co-chair this committee that was established to evaluate the best use of the SE corner as a common space as defined in the Bylaws and the Declaration, with access for all owners, their guests, and their visitors as required by Bylaws and the Declaration. Recommendation sent to the BOD was discussed at the February 18, 2021 meeting.

Meeting Minutes

12-21-20-2-15-21 Min

Attorney Review

SE CP Atty Rev

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